For the last 18 years, I photographed my first LOVE, floral design. I was the proud owner of Magnolias, a Wedding & Event Company that serviced the tri-state area. I would photograph bouquets, ceremony, and reception decor before delivering my work to my clients. I would use the images for my website and printed them as gifts for my clients. Through this style of photography, I was able to train my eye for lighting, composition and develop my own style, along with promote my event business. We closed our business in 2006 to start a family.

As my sons grew and started to try different sports, soccer became their passion. As they progressed in their abilities, they started playing travel soccer. Since we were spending so much time at soccer fields, I decided to buy a new camera. I would take the camera with me everywhere and photograph sports, nature and the environment around me.  

My family is a huge supporter of the Philadelphia Union soccer team. I would take my camera with me to games and photograph the game in hopes of getting shots that I could get autographed at the “Meet and Greets”.  At one of the events, I had my photos and we were all waiting for the players to arrive. I started to talk with the gentleman next to me. He asked to see my photos and I let him look through them. He asked me where I had gotten them and I let him know I took them.   We talked a bit more and then he introduced himself as the Press Coordinator for the players at the Philadelphia Union. He invited me to shoot at field level for a few games in 2017-2018 and that turned into full press credentials for the 2018-2019 season. 

My photography has evolved since those early games,  I found a new passion capturing players during moments that show determination, grit, success and disappointment, all parts of the game. My goal with sports photography is to showcase each player's unique style, love for the game and passion for their play while telling the story of each game. It has been a dream come true to be able to launch a new career with the support of family, friends and peers. 

In the past year, I opened my website showcasing my work. I have also had the opportunity to create unique portraits for families, brining a photojournalistic approach to my work. I find that traditional portrait photography creates images that are un-natural and un-creative. By taking an untraditional way to photograph clients, I am able to capture their true personalities. 


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